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Coverib is a multi-layer panel designed to provide optimal insulation and serve as an ideal solution for your metal roofing needs. Our products are manufactured in Italy in compliance with the strictest quality standards and are MIAMI-DADE APPROVED (NOA 13-1010.10). The steel core of our panels ensures exceptional stability and durability and enhances the walkability on its surface while reducing thermal expansion.

Our Coverib panels are available in a variety of colors to complement any architectural design. Our patented five-layer technology is a unique integration of galvanized steel for strength, asphalt for anticorrosion and sound insulation, and aluminum for reflectiveness. This innovative technology makes our panels lighter and thinner than any other insulating panel in the market, allowing for efficient reduction of noise and heat.

Our satisfied customers from five continents testify to the convenience, durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal of our panels.