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Coverib is an insulating multi-layer panel that constitutes the perfect solution for your metal roofing needs. Manufactured in Italy under the most strict standards of quality and MIAMI-DADE APPROVED (NOA 13-1010.10), its steel core makes it one of the most stable and robust products in the market, and it helps ensure walkability on its surface and low thermal expansion.

Available in a variety of colors, Coverib integrates within any architectural context.
Coverib panels are lighter and thinner than any other insulating panel in the market due to their patented five-layer technology that integrates the strength of galvanized steel, the anticorrosive and sound insulating properties of asphalt, and the reflectiveness of aluminum. Coverib reduces noise and heat in a very efficient way.

Satisfied customers in 5 continents testify about the convenience, durability, strength and beauty of our panels.