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Cinduply 3.5 mm APP Torch

Cinduply 3.5 mm APP Torch White Minerale Polyester is a high-quality waterproofing membrane, made with non-woven polyester stabilized with fiberglass and modified bitumen that contains elastoplastomeric polymers. This advanced composition provides exceptional durability and makes it an ideal solution for a wide variety of roofs, regardless of their slope.

Our product is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, hail, and snow, and it offers reliable protection against water damage. Its unique composition ensures exceptional flexibility and resistance, ensuring that it can adapt to the natural movements of your building's structure without losing its waterproofing capabilities.

- Installation of Cinduply 3.5 mm APP Torch White Minerale Polyester is achieved through the use of an open flame torch, which guarantees efficient and precise application.

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