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Isoparete Evo

Isoparete Evo is a premium-grade wall panel system that is specifically designed for industrial and commercial building applications. This double-steel sheet panel is insulated with high-quality polyisocyanurate rigid foam, providing excellent thermal insulation and energy efficiency for your building.

The panel's tongue-and-groove joint system is designed for a secure and watertight connection between adjacent panels. This system is achieved using a hidden through-fastened screw and saddle clip at each high rib along the supports, ensuring a durable and reliable connection that can withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy loads.

Isoparete Evo offers a wide range of profiles, making it a versatile and flexible solution for a variety of building designs and requirements. Whether you need a flat panel or a profiled panel, Isoparete Evo has you covered.

With its advanced insulation properties, durable construction, and flexible design options, Isoparete Evo is the perfect choice for any industrial or commercial building project. Whether you're building a new facility or upgrading an existing one, Isoparete Evo offers superior performance and energy efficiency, ensuring that your building is comfortable, secure, and cost-effective for years to come.


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